Michigan-Ohio State Conspiracy Theory: Buckeyes Helped By Homer Refs, Wolverines Fans Claim

Jim Harbaugh, according to Yahoo Sports reporter Dan Wetzel, “said he’d never seen worse officiating, never saw a game decided by the refs like this.” We’re talking about Saturday’s game when Ohio State had two penalties for six yards while Michigan had seven penalties for 59 yards. We’re also talking about a game where a 4th & 1 will go down as one of the best known plays in Ohio State-Michigan history. It’ll be dissected forever. Little BC’s grandkids will hear about it 100 years from now if Earth still exists.
So Jim was mad at the refs. “Bitter,” was a word he kept using, according to Wetzel. It didn’t take long for the Michigan conspiracy theorists to strike. I first saw the conspiracy report on Facebook late Saturday night and by Sunday morning Michigan’s best known site for homers, MGoBlog, had a message board thread going nuts with fans digging into the lives of three game refs.
The constant theme from the Michigan fans who are fanning the flames (and Harbaugh) is that there were two many questionable missed calls that something seems fishy. At the very least, they say, Ohio residents or those with ties to the state shouldn’t be working the game.

Here’s the conspiracy From Saturday’s Ohio State-Michigan game:

• Kevin Schwarzel (back judge)

The conspiracy: In 2006, he told the Athens (OH) News that he wasn’t allowed to work the OSU-Michigan game because he’s from Ohio.

• Daniel Capron (lead official)

The conspiracy: Capron was dismissed from the Big Ten from officiating after a Wake Forest-Purdue mess littered with bad calls.

But what about that one time…: Capron was lead official in 2015 when Michigan State beat Ohio State with a perfect season on the line and what would’ve likely been an easy route to the CFB playoff. Capron was also the lead official at the 2013 Big Ten Championship game where an Ohio State victory would’ve sent the Buckeyes to the national championship game. However, Michigan State won 34-24. One more for the conspiracy theorists, Capron was the lead official in 2010 when Ohio State went into Camp Randall and got lit up 31-18 by Wisconsin; Ohio State had 2 penalties for 14 yards in that game. That Buckeyes team finished 12-1.

• Bobby Sagers (side judge)

The conspiracy: Sagers is in the Ohio High School hall of fame and patted Mike Weber Jr. on the ass during Saturday’s game.


Michigan Fan Flips Out, Blames Jim Harbaugh For Loss To Ohio State
Michigan Fan Flips Out, Blames Jim Harbaugh For Loss To Ohio State
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