Elle Johnson Releases Her Michigan-OSU Eve Frisky Friday Pic…She Seems Ready

I’ve been hearing it all week from our old friend Elle Johnson, Michigan Fan. She’s been jonesing for this game since last year when she was positive that the Wolverines were going to win and then they got blown out by the end of the 3rd when fans were heading for their cars on the golf course outside the Big House.

I’ll give Elle credit. She knows how to energize the base. Michigan Men RT the shit outta these pics she posts.

Today – #FriskyFriday Tomorrow – #TheGame Showing my support thong support for the #Wolverines! #GoBlue! #UMich @bustedcoverage @AndyGray35 pic.twitter.com/C5TgtpDupw

— Elle Johnson (@_ElleJohnson) November 25, 2016