Mike Napoli’s Girlfriend Sophia Phalen Seems To Be Enjoying Thanksgiving


I’ve been watching Sophia Phalen’s IG stories and pics over the last few days to see how Mike Napoli’s handling his first offseason with his new dime girlfriend. I’m curious how long it takes before Mike grabs a couple seats on a Wheels Up flight to the Caribbean so he can unleash her on a beach.

That’s the move and it’s coming, just a matter of time.

Right now it’s family Thanksgiving time and, according to the IGs, Mike has been putting in a ton of effort. He’s doing the whole family thing. Being the good guy. You know this stage well. You know how this works. You want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you know it’s going to take max effort, especially with the family to prove you’re not just some one-night stand asshole.

This is what Mike’s got on his hands. God bless that guy and what he’s going through right now. No clue how Mike, 35, has the energy to keep up. I know exactly how I felt at 35 and it was lights out at 10.

Mike hanging with the fam on Thanksgiving Eve:


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