Yes, Nick Saban Knows Today Is Thanksgiving



Remember when Nick Saban was so locked in on his job back on Election Day that he forgot that it was Election Day? He told the media on Wednesday after the election that the day was “so important to me that I didn’t even know it was happening.” He eventually clarified his comments and said, “I got an absentee ballot. Tuesday’s our biggest workday and game plan day, and I forgot it was Election Day until I got home at 11 o’clock at night. So, I don’t know how all of these things sort of get twisted around. I guess it makes a better story.”

We get it, you didn’t want any election questions in that original press conference and we’ve definitely moved on…to Thanksgiving. Nick Saban is fully aware that today is Thanksgiving all across America and he wants to make sure you know he wishes the media nothing but the best this holiday season. (I’m sure.) And Nick also wants you to know that Ms. Terry will have a full house, including Bama players.

Thankful he can lose two straight SEC games and still make the Final Four

This is very kind of Bama fans…who is the maniac who sends Thanksgiving cards? Never heard of that.

This is why the players love him…no dorm turkey

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