I Blew $20 Today Playing 'Hang On Sloopy' At Michigan Bars

For some reason there are Internet bits that stick in my head and then all of a sudden rush back into my brain at odd times. Take this morning. It’s Thanksgiving Eve. I should just be on cruise control. I should just be thinking about #BlackoutWednesday and slamming cans of brew.
Then it came to me. That time the Cubs fan spent $50 playing “Go Cubs Go” in St. Louis bars via the AMI BarLink app. I loved the idea. It’s cheap, simple, easy and plays well on the Internet. It’s like spending $15 on a napkin for some super rich athlete’s wedding. Small investment, years of fun.
So this morning it popped into my head that now was the time to play “Hang On Sloopy” in Michigan bars. It just happens that the AMI app jukebox has the Ohio State marching band version of Sloopy in the archive.
So I loaded up my AMI account with $20 and started searching for the perfect targets — bars in and around Ann Arbor that are using the AMI jukebox. The choices are limited so there was some thinking that went into how I would spend the $20.

The gameplan:

• Hit one Ann Arbor bar with multiple volleys. It turns out that Ashley’s on State St. — across from campus — was the bar. I hit it with two Sloopys at lunch before they pulled the plug on the jukebox. Someone obviously didn’t appreciate my DJing.
• My other plan was to hit a busy downtown Detroit bar that would have a lunch crowd. I chose Sweetwater Tavern near Greektown. If you’ve spent any time in downtown Detroit, you’ve likely walked past or ventured into Sweetwater. They were forced to endure several Sloopys.
• I also found a place in the ‘hood originally called the Penthouse Lounge, but now it’s called the Varsity. They got Sloopy’d.
• Tonight I turned to VFWs, American Legions and Moose Lodges. I also extended the range to about 20 miles outside Ann Arbor to some local joints that didn’t know what hit them.
• Finally, I returned even more Sloopys to Ashley’s. I had to go after the highest concentration of Michigan Men as possible.


An incredible way to spend $20 even if I can’t see the reaction in the bar. Next time I’ll make the drive up to Ashley’s grab a beer and play some credits. I need to see and hear what happens when the hated Ohio State band starts playing those beautiful notes.

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