Orlando Brandon’s ECU Trip Recap



The Participants:

Myself: Orlando Brandon, lifelong ECU fan.

My buddy Ford: Who used to live near ECU and his mom used to be the Cheer Coach at ECU.

Quick Stats

  • Left Orlando  at 7:30 on Saturday, Got back 2:30 Monday
  • Saw a Parmalee concert
  • Part of a Volleyball Game
  • Football Game
  • Basketball Game
  • Went to the ECU bars Friday night
  • Tailgated Saturday

Highlights of the ECU trip.

I left Friday from Orlando around 8AM Theoretically I should have made it to ECU by around 7PM. However I stopped in Savannah to meet up with my buddy Ford and move my shit to his car so I could be able to chill the rest of the trip, at his place I had a brilliant idea to chug a 40 OZ beer because we don’t have those in Florida and I wanted to start the trip off right. Well somehow we didn’t leave Savanah until 3:30. Then Ford and I started to plan our weekend at ECU, we knew there was a Country concert Friday night, we had tickets waiting for us. Eventually we decide about 8:30 Friday night that we need to stock up on drinks for the hotel. We were in the middle of No where. The GPS took us to a random two pump gas station.

This is where we meet Richard who  was the owner of this gas station in the middle of Eastern North Carolina, Richard was chill and told us what the strongest drinks in his store were and what would be good to chug. It took us about 15 minutes to figure out how to open the bathroom at my new buddy Richard Gas Station. At some point Richard decided he wanted to give us a history lesson. A we were paying he tells us look at a dollar, he points with a knife explaining that Obama was not the First Black President of the United States, he said some guy on the Bill was actually Black and was the President of the Continental United States, It took me a while to comprehend the history lesson that was randomly occurring, however I definitely appreciated it because we all know I certainly did not learn that In a Florida public school. Eventually we save goodbye to Richard, we have drinks, next stop the concert.

We arrive to the ECU basketball arena to find out that will call is closed. After a little wait we were eventually allowed in. The Band Parmalee put on a great show for the 30 minutes that we were able to see.

Then it was off to the Bars, this was my first time going to the bars at ECU, my Mother supposedly used to consume a fair amount of beverages at the ECU bars during her time there, so I felt like I had to live up to the family name. We got to the bars around 1AM, got a drink, chugged it, then went to the next bar. Only able to hit up two bars due to that whole bars closing at 2Am bullshit. After the bars we called an Uber, I have no clue what her name was but she was super chill. We went to this place called “Cookout” great drunk food, I got her some chicken nuggets and then she dropped us back at the hotel.


This whole day was a blur, I remembered going to Cubbies a local burger joint and got some quality carbs for the day. We went to the liquor store and got a bottle of Crown Apple. Then we got dropped off at this random house. I was skeptical at first but my buddy Ford said we were good to be there. I started chugging a 40, then we traded shots of Crown for beer and ingratiated ourselves with the locals. This tailgate was one of the more chill and laid back ones I have been to. Everyone was there to get fucked up, a majority of the kids had no plans to go to the game, due to ECU not winning many games this year. I am used to this, because that is how every Jags game is, get dunk enough to not even know if your team won or lost.

Game experience was great, got to see #7 Zay Jones for ECU break the All-Time NCAA receptions. I maintained a pretty good buzz from the pre-game drinking so I didn’t really care that Navy was absolutely destroying ECU. No matter what the score is, it is always great to be a Pirate. After the Game we hit up some sports bar, best part of that stop was the beer. Eventually we get to the Hotel around 9 with the intent to go out to the bars again. I somehow accidentally fell asleep, that does happen when you day drink.


I woke up much more well rested that I should have been. I had one goal, drink and go to the Basketball game. My buddy Ford had to get back to Savannah Sunday night, but I wanted to drink. So I drank some beers at the hotel and we went to the ECU basketball game. If you don’t follow ECU athletics much, it is well known that the Basketball team is typically not competing for Championships. Well this one seems to be different, they completely destroyed Stetson.

According to the Grandpa sitting near me ECU beat the Refs and Stetson. Halftime entertainment was lit, four people in inflatable suites trying to make baskets. Also the ECU dance team preformed, they looked like they all had great personalities. After the ECU game we headed towards Savannah, I find out my Jags lost another close game, that didn’t really impact me because I’m used to it. I singed off from the BC snap right near the NC/SC state line.

Eventually we get to Savannah around 10PM, first stop was the Gym to sweat out all the beer and trashy food from the trip.

Monday: I woke up Monday around 7Am knowing I had to make it back to Orlando for Class at 2:30. Somehow I made it to class and stayed awake the whole time.

Overall I would rate this trip as a B.

Areas of Improvement:

More Craziness, need to shotgun with some random chicks next time.

Need to plan my own tailgate like BC did at Toledo, so then everyone just comes to party with me.

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