Paulina Gretzky Dances Her Ass Off For Thanksgiving While I’m Barely Able To Move After 2 Slices Of Pie


Here I thought Paulina Gretzky and the fam would just have a quiet dinner, maybe talk about life in 2016 and discuss where everyone was headed for Christmas — in other words, which ski slope they’d be visiting. HELL NO! Paulina fired up the IG machine and shot herself a hot af video with what appears to be family and friends playing along.

Best Thanksgiving video I’ve seen in years.

Just when you think Paulina’s going to disappear for a few months and come back when the PGA Tour gets rolling out in Hawaii, she drops a :33 video that makes you recognize that she’s still superior to anything out there in this realm.

Baby daddy D.J. is ranked 3rd in the world and his baby mama is making fire music videos on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, my ass can barely move after having 1.5 plates of food and two slices of pie.

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