Ohio State Dad Is Ready For The Game

Still convinced Ohio State-Michigan isn’t much of a rivalry? Are you from the south and believe there’s no possible way there could be a rivalry like those in your beloved SEC? Folks, you’re missing the boat on what really goes down here in Ohio and Michigan. This stuff is life or death.
Michigan has three wins in the 21st century over the Buckeyes. Ohio State fan has nightmares over Michigan ever winning again. Michigan Man thought Harbaugh was the answer to the ills. Then 2015 happened. Michigan Man is desperate. He thinks it’s smart to have a slumber party with a kicker recruit. They’ll do anything to win. Meanwhile, Ohio State fan wants nothing more than to keep the boot on Michigan Man’s throat.
This game drives life around here. Lose and you might as well not look at your phone or social media accounts. Win and you go to the Final Four. Visit this part of the country in late November. You’ll see what it’s all about.

Friend of BC on Facebook telling his story:


Yet another story of how it is to live with this rivalry:

Look at that tattoo:

OSU DE Cole Walterscheid Stole a Jimmy John’s Sign, Arrested for Public Intoxication
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