ASU Girls Are Ready For XMas, Bill Walton In Tribal Costume & Bones Jones At Waffle House

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Try not to argue about politics this Thanksgiving

I know it’s coming for most of you. There’s going to be that one relative that likes his/her ‘go time’ when it comes to politics. He/she is like a rocket that just needs lit. One little comment and this relative is going off on a tangent for hours. Don’t get sucked in. You deserve a day off from Facebook, especially face-to-face Facebook. Try to enjoy a day with the family without strangling one another. I know, it’s going to happen. We’ll be waiting on the police reports out of Florida and Ohio. We’ll be waiting on the Thanksgiving fight videos posted on YouTube. I know you’re going to want to accuse your uncle of being a racist. I know you’ll want to accuse your niece or nephew of being a snowflake. This is an unprecedented time for Thanksgiving. No matter what I say, there will be thousands of family brawls across this great country. It’s going to be ugly. I’ll be here secretly waiting for your fight videos. Send word.

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