Arianny Celeste Still In Bali, Thirsty Lasorda & Auburn Fan’s Pimp Paint Job


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So the Patriots get to beat the Raiders in late January

I guess we have our 2nd best AFC team now that the Raiders are 8-2 and at the top of the AFC West. I’ll also guess that the Raiders will make it to the AFC title game where Derek Carr will be overwhelmed by the weather, Belichick’s gameplan and the Patriots will be in S.B. 51 in Houston. Have you looked at the AFC standings lately? You think the Steelers are getting out of that mess and challenging Tom? Broncos? Chiefs? As for football in Mexico, you see how excited the Mexicans were for football? That’s all you need to know as to why Goodell will be back for multiple games over the next few years. And I couldn’t even find a single fan fight. Hell, move the Chargers to Mexico City.

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