Pregnant Kelly Stafford Doesn't Appreciate Media Report About Matthew Wanting $25 Million

This is why I’ve always appreciated Kelly Stafford. You want an honest answer from Mrs. Matthew Stafford, she’ll give it to you. Remember when a Detroit station implied that Matthew paid for her breast implants back in college? Remember how she responded? You’re damn right Kelly (then Hall) Stafford came right out and said she paid for her own boobs.
So that brings me to this reaction she had this morning when TeamStreamĀ® hit her phone with a report that Matthew might’ve been looking for $25 million a year from the Lions.

No accountability in the media anymore… I woke up to the notification of Matthew “seeking” a certain amount of money for his next contract.. rolled over and showed him and he was like well that’s the first time I’m hearing of this šŸ¤”
Happy he cleared that up..pissed me off because he has more important things on his mind like this team and the current season.. I also may be a little hormonal too šŸ˜³

Keep in mind that Kelly has twin girls in the oven. She doesn’t need the distrustful media spreading nonsense about her husband. The Lions are sitting pretty right now atop the NFC North. The Vikings are a disaster. The Packers are begging to get knocked out of the playoff picture and Stafford’s playing like the MVP.
It appears that this all stems from a Jason La Canfora report.

La Canfora messed with the wrong pregnant NFL wife:

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