Iowa Fan Steals CJ Beathard’s Helmet After Beating Michigan, Takes It On Victory Tour



Word is starting to trickle outĀ of Iowa City that a Hawkeyes fan stole quarterback CJ Beathard’s helmet after it was thrown in the melee at the end of the Michigan game. What happened then will likely become Iowa legend. Word on the street is that the drunk Iowa fan took the helmet for a victory tour in downtown Iowa City where cops eventually stepped in.

Now there’s a Beathard helmet Twitter account –@realcjhelmet, the one photo of Iowa fan showing off #16’s gear and what I’ll assume are great stories & Snaps being passed around.

Did you take a photo with Beathard’s helmet? Send word. We’ll block your face. Don’t want you getting kicked out of school over something so innocent that’s taxpayer funded anyway.

Maybe this guy had something to do with the missing helmet.

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