Michigan Spent $334,712 For Harbaugh's Summer Swarm Tour Vs. $211,948 In 2015

What’s it cost to send Jim Harbaugh and his staff on an eight day camp frenzy to seven states and Hawaii? The Detroit News got the number today via a FOIA request: $334,712. That’s up $122,764 from 2015 ($211,948) when Jim went on his first big football camp blitz.
Michigan Men call Harbaugh’s trip a ‘Summer Swarm.’ It’s a fancy way to reference satellite camp trips.
What does it all mean? Nothing, really. It’s just a number for people to argue over. It’s a number for other schools to aim for since we’re now in an arms race. It’s an idea of what it costs to play this big boy recruiting game.
8 days / $334,712 = $41,839 per day. Seems like a decent ROI. According to 2013-14 data, Michigan had athletic revenues of $157,899,820. You get the point, right?
Michigan’s entire recruiting expenditure for the 2012-13 season was $664,492. Keep in mind that ‘Summer Swarm’ is just for eight days. Ohio State spent $564,152 during the 2012-13 season.
ESPN, FS1 and the rest keep paying more money for TV rights so the schools just keep spending. The two networks signed new deals over the summer that will pay the B1G $430 million a season for rights. That means you shouldn’t be surprised when Jim’s 2017 ‘Summer Swarm’ number is even higher.

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