Mike Evans Changes His Mind About Trump Protest, Says He'll Stand For Anthem, Still Didn't Bother Voting

Mike Evans’ short-lived stance on not standing for the national anthem is over. That was quick. You might remember the story that surfaced on Monday where Evans said he wasn’t going to stand for the anthem as a protest against Trump being elected President. Then we learned that Mike, through his own words on IG, said he didn’t vote in the election.
Now Mike’s having second thoughts on this whole protest thing.

I want to start by apologizing to all the U.S. military members, their families, and the fans who I offended by my actions on Sunday. It was never my intention as I have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country.
I have very strong emotions regarding some of the many issues that exist in our society today. I chose to sit as an expression of my frustration towards this year’s election.It was very personal for me, as it was for so many Americans. [Ed. note: But he didn’t bother voting.]
I will not sit again during the National Anthem because I want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities.
This Sunday, I will be back to standing with my teammates.

Folks, you can complain all you want about the election, but if you didn’t vote, it hurts your cause. That’s a nonpartisan response to all this. Write-in your living hero, vote third party, fourth party, something. Yes, it’s true that in Texas Evans’ write-in vote might not count, but at least do it, then protest.

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