Loser Seahawks Fans Wake Up Super Early to Welcome Back Team



So I guess Seahawks fans got the “revenge” they were seeking Sunday night after a big victory in New England. Russell Wilson showed signs of life for the first time this season, Kam Chancellor shutdown Gronk and that horrible playcall from Super Bowl XLIX is officially in the rearview mirror (not really).

The win was such a big deal that a small group (we’re talking six people at the most) of Seahawks fans got up extra early today to welcome back the team at 6 a.m. Seriously, apparently all these 12s needed to kick off their workweek were some honks from the team bus:

Hey, I understand being a “diehard” fan and all that jazz but come on, it’s a damn Week 10 win.

Another 12 made a bigger commitment than that by popping the question to his Pats girlfriend after the game:

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