AP Voter Bros To Western Michigan: Sorry, We Screwed Up

The weather’s starting to get cold, people on Facebook are putting up their Christmas trees because of Facebook peer pressure and the college football landscape — minus Bama — is a complete disaster, which is good for business around here. I actually cared about the AP poll this morning because I wanted to see if Jim Harbaugh homer Scott Wolf at the Los Angeles Daily News would still vote Michigan #1 even after the Iowa loss. He didn’t, but I quickly noticed a couple of odd polls submitted to the Associated Press by a couple of its voters.
Western Michigan wasn’t ranked in the Top 25 by two pollsters.
Instant emergency brake yanked. Something had to be up. How could a 10-0 team with wins over Northwestern and Illinois not be ranked as everyone across the country tries to figure out where P.J. Fleck will be cashing his checks next season?
The answer: the two voters meant to vote for Western, but they screwed up and submitted a bad ballot. (Hey, at least they voted!)
The voters: Josh Kendall from The State in Columbia, SC and Chuck Carlton from the Dallas Morning News.
The excuses: Let’s start with Kendall, who took so much heat from his Week 12 poll that he wrote a piece to support his ballot.

As for Western Michigan, I just owe you guys an apology. I goofed. I had Western Michigan ranked No. 16 last week [Editor’s note: Actually, Josh had Western ranked #21 last week, according to CollegePollTracker.com] and inadvertently dropped them out this week. At one point while sorting out my ballot on Sunday, I had the Broncos in and then I went to move them up the ballot and ended up not adding them back in. My fault and I’ll correct it next week.

Now let’s hear from Chuck, who had Western Kentucky #15 on his Week 12 ballot.

BC response: These two gotta clean it up. You’re making a fool outta yourself. That said, at least they didn’t have Troy ranked #15 on their ballot. That award goes to Steve Wiseman of The Herald-Sun in Durham, NC. Not kidding. Have you seen Troy’s schedule?
I mean, they’ve been on a nice run, but #15?

Josh Kendall’s Week 12 AP ballot:

Here’s Chuck Carlton’s poll this week:


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