Mike Evans Sits During Anthem To Protest Trump…Said On Instagram He Didn’t Vote



Mike Evans is the latest social justice warrior to make headlines as a guy who sat during the Anthem to protest. Mike sat out the anthem during Sunday’s game against the Bears in Tampa and he had an interesting reason for sitting. “If this happens, America’s not right right now,” Mike told media after the game, talking about Trump’s election.

Here comes the fun part of the story: Mike claimed last week on Instagram that he didn’t vote in Texas where he’s registered. No absentee ballot. No registration in Florida where his vote was needed. No write-in for Shaun King or Kaep. Nothing. Didn’t vote.

“I’m not a political person, but I have common sense and know when something’s not right,” Evans continued.

Makes sense to Social Justice Warriors. Maybe you’ll vote next time, bro.

mike-evans-didnt-vote-instagram mike-evans-instagram-didnt-vote

Here’s Mike’s Texas registration. Looks good to go. Get an absentee ballot. Or better yet, just register in Florida.


The comment is still there. At least Mike will stand by his no vote.


[HT: The Spun]

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