This 12th Man Seahawks Beetle Needs a New Home — $8,000



Seahawks fans never fail to impress when it comes to their random tailgate vehicles. Seriously, last week we found a goddamn Geo Metro for the environmentally conscious football fan.

And this week, we have another eco-friendly option in the 12s-inspired 2006 Volkswagen Beetle above. That’s right, a freakin’ tailgate Beetle exists, and we have to admit it looks pretty clean. It has 87,200 miles on odometer and a price tag of $8,000.

According to the owner, it’s an absolute showstopper:

This car is a fun way to support the Seahawks! People are excited to see it. It has a 2.5 L engine, cd player am-fm tuner, sunroof, leather heated seats, cruise. Average between 22 and 28 mpg. We have enjoyed everyone’s reaction to the Seahawk Bug. Almost everyone, except 49er’s and Cowboys, like it. Many people have asked for pictures with it including an adorable 4 year-old boy last weekend. This is a must for a Seahawk fan! Please ask if you want to see the CarFax. It has been a good car for us and well maintained with oil changes and a tune-up. This is a perfect Seahawk 12 Fan car!

Getting stopped for pictures sounds like it could get old really fast, but hey, if you’re a 12 who likes attention go ahead and make an offer.


Additional photos of the Seahawks bug:


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