Buy This Seahawks 1991 Geo Metro — $6,000

No fanbase in the NFL loves to transform ordinary everyday vehicles into a symbol of team pride more than Seahawks fans. Civics, Jeeps, pick-up trucks, Pontiacs, etc. — you name the car, it’s probably been turned into a 12th man ride.
Today we have something for those who are environmentally conscious with the 1991 Geo Metro above. It features a professionally done Seahawks wrap and an insane MPG to reduce your carbon footprint. What more could you want?
Details from the ad:

50+mpg, gas or propane.
Geo Metro with a drivetrain that was professionally redone, beefed up for towing so there is power to spare, has a 2″ receiver hitch. New paint under stickers, and under lights! HID head lights! Propane tank can be mounted inside. Propane drastically reduces your carbon footprint and is $1.78 a gallon, how much is the gas? $6,000 Cash, OBO/trade?

Or you could be patient and wait for an actual bus to pop up — your call.

Richard Sherman and the gang

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