IG Models Who Voted, Kate Upton’s Giant Rock & Election Night Roll Tide At CBS


morning twitpics

Anything happen last night?

Think I was pretty fair and balanced with the sniping at each side of the aisle. Lost a few dozen Twitter followers, but that’s fine. Cleaned out those who always want shit slanted their way to support their echo chamber brain. People took shots at me. I took shots at people. We can all be friends at the end of the day. I’ll hang with liberals, conservatives, Trump voters, gays, Muslims, Jews, etc. Will things be as bad as you think? No. Will things be as great as you think? No. We’ll still have to cut the grass, take out the trash, do the dishes, take dumps, have sex, watch porn, argue over sports. Life will go on. You’ll get to do this all over again in just over two years.

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