Johnny Manziel’s Ex…Is Back, Late Tony Romo Halloween Costume Entry & Wrigley Field Head Tattoo


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NFL Playoff Probabilities….ready for Cowboys-Patriots?

Those are your two teams with the highest probability of making it to Houston for the Super Bowl. The Patriots now have an 18% probability of winning S.B. 51. How big of a disaster is the NFL right now? The Raiders and Chiefs are your next two options in the AFC. You think Carr’s going into New England in January and beating Tommy? Get pumped for that one. What about the Texans? Remember when they went up north earlier this season? Last night’s game was easily one of the best this season and the refs fucked that up for fans who were desperate for a MNF game that meant something & had some passion. Felt like a playoff game, right? The bad news: The Mafia now has a 13% probability of watching a playoff game this season. It’s over, folks.

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