Charissa Thompson Is Back, WVU Fans Get It On & Ruthless LSU Fan’s Saban Sign


morning twitpics

Have you looked at the AP Top 25 poll today?

That SEC East is complete garbage. The SEC QB situation is hard to believe. LSU can’t find a guy who can throw a spiral. Bama DL Jonathan AllenĀ is filthy. The Big Ten still has a bunch of ranked teams almost by default. Nebraska gets obliterated and drops to 21. Oklahoma is back from the dead. Penn State won’t go away. Look, I’ll just say this…we need a classic from Michigan-Ohio State to pretty much save this season because there isn’t much firepower coming down the stretch to make this season very memorable. I can’t even find a Johnny Manziel-esque player to get behind. Someone who’ll go out and slay the IG models. Nothing.

Numbers from :

This way out:

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