Slammin’ Sammy Sosa Spotted in Paris


Sammy Sosa paris

If there are any Cubs fans wondering where the hell Sammy Sosa was during the World Series (and post-WS festivities), it appears he was doing his own thing in Paris.

Some Cubs fans happened to run into their former hero while on holiday (yes, Slammin’s skin is still a bit off):

The Wall Street Journal’s Brian Costa actually interviewed Sammy a couple weeks ago, and noted he was following the team while hanging with the Parisians. As for his business over there, Sammy’s apparently looking out for real estate investments:

“There are a lot of good opportunities over here right now, especially with the market being all over the place,” Sosa said.

Sammy also congratulated the team’s long-awaited triumph on Facebook, so he’s not totally estranged from the team.

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