Lane Kiffin Gave An LSU Fan His Visor, Kid Says He's Going To Burn It

I said yesterday that the LSU-Alabama game would be a bloodbath and that’s exactly what it was. No points through 3 quarters with either God awful offense or incredible defense and I’m still not sure which one it was. Bama got the W though, as many expected, but that didn’t stop the hate from running through the LSU fans.
After the game, Lane Kiffin (who very possibly could be LSU’s next head ball coach) took off his visor and gave it to a young LSU fan as he walked into the tunnel. Of course immediately afterwards, the people behind him were telling him to “throw that shit back”, but he didn’t.
Eventually the visor made it’s way over to some other fans who were asked what they were going to do with it. Naturally, they want to burn it.

Love this rivalry. Already can’t wait until next year.

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