Buy This Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate Bus — $4,500



Another week, another opportunity for Chiefs fans to hop on the tailgating wagon for the second half of the season.

If the party bus we featured last week was too rich for your blood at $10k, look no further than the converted church bus above. It has low mileage (44,267), looks like it can seat at least 15 people easily and doesn’t require special parking passes at Arrowhead. The best part? It’ll only set you back $4,500.

Details from the seller:

Kansas City Chiefs tailgating bus. This bus was originally a church bus that was used on rare occasions, which explains the low mileage. We purchased the bus, and promptly gutted and remodeled inside to create a great game-day atmosphere with lots of storage bins and easy to clean seats and flooring. Plenty of room to pack 15-18 people and all tailgating essentials comfortably. Exterior is painted bright red, with vinyl Chiefs graphics on side and rear.

In case you’re wondering, crucial home tilts remain on the schedule with the Raiders and Broncos (on Christmas!).


Additional photos of the bus:


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