Mia Khalifa Couldn’t Focus On The Game Because Of Kliff Kingsbury



We all know how big of a college football fan Mia Khalifa is. From putting Chad Kelly on blast to recruiting Braxton Miller to Florida State, she’s been immersed in the college football world for a while now. And she’s not one of those girls you know that thinks she knows what she’s talking about to be “one of the boys”. She actually knows her shit.

But today she got distracted from her regularly scheduled Saturday college football watching. That would be because of Kliff Kingsbury, the Texas Tech head coach and known ladies man.

Kliff Kingsbury is so attractive it's borderline distracting from the game. Pls stop panning to him on the sidelines.

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) November 5, 2016

The dude is good looking, what can you say? He may not be a great coach, but the camera is always on him when TTU plays for all the ladies out there. That’s just Kliff Kingsbury. Hitting on moms, dancing with his players, and making all the women swoon across the country.


The only reason to watch Texas Tech football is their HC @TTUKingsbury pic.twitter.com/sOAHl3zzlc

— GSS (@GymShortsStuds) November 5, 2016

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