2 Alabama Students Were Arrested For Scratching The Eye Of The LSU Tiger At Midfield

Here we go! This is Alabama-LSU for you. Two 18 year old freshman Bama students made their way to Baton Rouge for the big game and decided to take this rivlary to the next level by F’ing with LSU’s field. I’ll be honest I was expecting a little more damage, but all they did was scratch the eye of the tiger at midfield.

Kinda lame if you ask me. You have to give me something more. Do something that will really cut deep. But it turns out, these kids didn’t even make it out of the stadium. They got popped right in the middle of the field.
From Nola.com:

According to ESPN’s Marty Smith, two fans broke into Tiger Stadium and scratched the “Eye of the Tiger” at the 50-yard line. Smith said LSU police officer Kevin Scott confirmed Timothy Foley and Sean McGinity, both 18-year-old Alabama students from Maryland were charged with criminal trespassing.
Smith said LSU assistant athletic director of event management David Taylor told him he received the call at 3 a.m. and the two fans were arrested at midfield.

Worst vandals ever. If we get the mug shots later today, I will update this.

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