The Taiwanese Animators Recap The World Series & PETA Might Get Mad At Them This Time


The Taiwanese Animators really outdid themselves this time with their World Series recap, including an Indians player beating up a goat with a baseball bat. You know what’s coming here: PETA’s gonna protest the shit outta this one. There will probably be a release and boycotting of the Taiwanese team.

I completely understand it’s just art, but you know how these PETA people roll.

As for the video itself, they pretty much nailed Game 7 minus the Cubs fan getting KO’d in the street after the game. You get JR Smith going shirtless, LeBron and Bill Murray. That pretty much covers it all.

There are times when I’ll just be going about my business in life and suddenly I’ll start thinking about the Animators and how they come up with these clips. Drugs? Do the Taiwanese even do drugs? If not, they have some of the best sober minds in the game working for them.