Josh Tomlin’s Dad Is Partially Paralyzed & Still Crushes Bud Light




Yeah, so Josh Tomlin got lit up by the Cubs in Game 6. That’s not the story here. The real story at Game 6 happened when Josh’s dad, Jerry, was shown slamming a Bud Light. Why is that a story? Because Jerry was partially paralyzed in August due to a spinal cord condition. Jerry was released from a rehab facility on Oct. 19 and here he is getting a little Bud circulating through the system. Now that’s my kinda man right there.

Here’s the whole story on Jerry’s condition:

The night before Game 3, Tomlin spent time with his father for the first time since he returned home in mid-August. At that time, his father was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation, a tangle of blood vessels on his spinal cord, which required emergency surgery.

And then there’s this.

It’s unknown if Jerry, who is confined to a wheelchair, will walk again.

But you’re not going to stop my guy Jerry from having a beer. No sir. There are still real men out there, we just have to notice them and then praise them for going on with life. Jerry’s like f-it, my son’s getting two starts in the World Series, I’m going to enjoy every single minute of this.

Good for Jerry.

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