Mike Napoli Celebrated Losing Game 7 By Hitting Casino, Walking Around Cleveland Shirtless



How did Mike Napoli celebrate losing Game 7 of the World Series early this morning? He hit up the downtown Cleveland casino and eventually got shirtless and walked around downtown Cleveland, according to spotters on the ground. It appears there was also a Napoli appearance at Barley House, which was where Charlie Sheen took control of the mic after the 8-7 loss.

This is pretty much Napoli being Napoli. The season was over. Yeah, he struggled in the Series, but the guy finally made it to the finish line and wanted to celebrate one helluva run by a team that probably shouldn’t have been able to put together that kinda run, especially with the pitching injuries.

So Mike went full Napoli. His 35th birthday was on Halloween and he couldn’t really let loose like Naps usually lets loose so it appears he made up for it early this morning.

My only question from the party: Where was Mike’s girlfriend Sophia Phalen?



Sounds like they had fun at the Barley House:

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