Warriors Butthurt Over LeBron’s Halloween Trolling



As you all know by now, LeBron James directed all the shade towards the Golden State Warriors at his Halloween party extravaganza. Tombstone cookies dedicated to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, a “3-1” drum kit, “3-1” carved pumpkins, etc. — Bron Bron really went all out. (Really, he dropped like $5K on a costume.)

The Internet expectedly had a blast continuing the “3-1” jokes, but, of course, the Warriors did not. ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported the sadness from the Warriors end.

Serial nutkicker Draymond Green:

“More power to them,” he said. “I already got enough fuel. I don’t need more. Enjoy.”

Klay Thompson’s feelings were clearly hurt:

Klay Thompson, visibly irritated by the subject, sternly told ESPN, “Man, I don’t care about that.”

And Steph Curry stayed true to his act and said nothing:

Curry simply said, “I’m just going to keep it quiet.” He then shook his head and giggled.

Pretty much how you’d expect the Warriors to react to getting trolled. You know they’re hoping the Indians blow their 3-1 World Series lead to redirect all the jokes.

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