Soccer Player Kicks Heckling Fan Right in the Face

It’s no secret that no one working for BC (me, BC Joe, Danny the Intern) gives a damn about soccer. The soccer nerds can bombard our notifications all they want, but they’re only going to keep on getting trolled. Sorry not sorry.
However, if we a see a clip of a dude going full Ron Artest by going into the stands to punt a fan in the face, you better believe we’re posting it:

That was Argentinean striker Sebastian Pol losing his cool after his club was handedly defeated. He was eventually arrested for instigating shit with the fan (and also suspended), but Pol wants everyone to know he was just trying to scare the guy (via The Guardian):

“I’m really full of regret for this,” Pol told reporters at the police station, adding that the fan had insulted him. “I apologise to him profusely. I didn’t mean to strike him, I just wanted to frighten him. It’s something new that life has taught me.”

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