Celtic Fan Hangs Blowup Dolls From Upper Deck, Gets Arrested For 'Offensive Behaviour'

I guess you can’t hang blowup dolls — with their hands bound behind their backs — from the upper deck at a Scottish soccer match. The big news this week is that the bro behind this stunt was hauled into court by the Scottish soccer PC police who didn’t think the stunt was very funny.
The PC police have even banned the soccer bro from attending matches until his court case is settled.
From Daily Record (UK):

Ross Brady today faced the accusation as he appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court .
The 27-year-old is accused of a single charge under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act.
Prosecutors claim – that while acting with others – he did commit the offence at the Parkhead clash on September 10 which Celtic won 5-1.
It includes the claim that Brady did “engage in behaviour” which may be likely to “incite public disorder”.
This is said to involve the display of a banner that contained a “threatening and offensive remark”.

I guess this is considered offensive in Scotland. Here I thought it was just the U.S. that was overly sensitive in 2016. It’s a blowup doll. It’s not like Ross hung a real human from the upper deck.
Take me back to the fun days when blowup dolls didn’t land people in jail.

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