Infowars Bro Gets “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” Message On The News After Cubs Beat Indians


C’mon Infowars bro, here we are trying to STICK TO SPORTS by staying on message about the World Series, the Cubs, the Indians, baseball, stolen bases for tacos, how to use the bullpen and when to bring in Schwarber to pinch hit and you have to go all “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on the Fox 32 news.

Bro, seriously?

You can’t go on Twitter an tell us to STICK TO SPORTS and then do this when we try to STICK TO SPORTS. It’s not cool, Infowars bro. But something tells me you don’t give a shit, you want to disrupt at will and then tell us to STICK TO SPORTS during debates. It’s like us sports guys are living under a Communist regime who will only let us talk when Infowars bro says it’s OK to speak.

Not cool at all, Infowars Bro.

This was also on the Fox broadcast:


This was during GameDay on Saturday in Utah: