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Sounds like there’s a major scandal brewing in the World’s Record For Heat competition

A climatologist says the record, 134 degrees — held by Death Valley, isn’t possible and that some bro way back in 1913 likely exaggerated the temperature for attention. “…none of the other weather stations within a 150 mile radius posted unusually high readings during that time, and Death Valley hasn’t seen a single 130-degree day in the 100 years since,” the climatologist says. DRAMA! This is what’s great with the world we live in here in 2016. We have time to figure out this shit instead of beating the shit outta cancer or something like that. My big question is whether this climatologist gets laid. There’s no chance if he’s out there spending all this time trying to figure out if some weather bro exaggerated a 1913 temperature.

Numbers from :

This way out (listen closely):

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