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NFL Playoff Picture starting to take shape

The Patriots have pretty much clinched the AFC East and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. I see possibly one loss on that schedule.¬†Maybe they lose at Denver in just before Christmas. That is if you think that Trevor guy can beat the Pats. The Vikings still have the highest probability of winning¬†the Super Bowl at 17%. but here come the Cowboys. Here’s the crazy part about the Cowboys that I mentioned a couple weeks ago: It’s hard to really hate anything on the field from the Cowboys (13% to win S.B.). Maybe you hate Dez because you’re a hateful person. Other than that it’s just good football. The NFL product might be garbage this week, but you’re about to get the Raiders in the playoffs. That’s good for the game. We need a level of danger in the playoffs. Give me Raiders fans visiting Denver in January. As for the Eagles, they’re down to a 35% probability of making the playoffs. So sad.

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