NFL Girlfriend Of The Year Rachel Bush Turns 19

The Browns might be 0-8, DB Jordan Poyer might be out for the year with a lacerated kidney, but at least this guy will be able to recuperate with his girlfriendRachel Bush. Maybe get in a few grinds per day. Get himself back to 110%. Look, Jordan Poyer might be on the worst team in football, but the guy has the NFL Girlfriend of the Year and it’s not even November. Rachel’s been well-documented on here since the early days between her and Poyer. There was the spring when Bush hopping between Mexico and Miami.

The content just kept rolling in. Meanwhile, the rest of the NFL just got more boring by the day. Johnny’s gone. We’re left with fake good guys like Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt. NFL wives are out there acting like they care about charities. That’s great and all, but this is entertainment and you need a Rachel Bush to spice things up like the old days.

That’s why she’s the NFL Girlfriend of the Year and I’m not opening up the contest the rest of the season.

Game. Set. Match.

And did I mention that Bush turns 19 on Tuesday? No shit. Not kidding.

Until tomorrow lol

— Rachel (@Rachel__Bush) October 31, 2016