Kevin Love & SI Model Girlfriend Win LeBron Halloween Costume Title


Remember when Kevin Love was all but run out of Cleveland during the playoffs? Now he has a title ring and the “Best Halloween Costume” trophy from LeBron’s Halloween party contest. Love and girlfriend SI model Kate Bock’s version of Lloyd and Harry was enough to take home the honors in what seems to be a huge competition. Remember 2015 when Bron Bron went as Prince?

Of course Bron is going to throw the best Halloween party. The guy’s worth a billion and can afford to bring in set designers to turn his massive pad into Halloween madness. Kevin Love could leave for L.A. and hit up some B+ Halloween party or he can stay with the Cavs and compete for titles and get the golden ticket to Bron’s. This seems to be an easy decision.

Never thought I’d see the day when Bron would be so damn relaxed. Meanwhile Durant’s out in the Bay all shook over one game.

Cavs in 6.


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