Georgia’s Roquan Smith Accidentally Truck Sticks Gator Reporter Savanna Collins


ESPN Gainesville reporter Savanna Collins tweeted “If any team’s running backs are struggling with ball security…I’m your girl,” after getting trucked by Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith during Saturday’s “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” Savanna was just doing her job during the second quarter when Roquan came over to visit. Total accident. You can see what happened next.

Roquan ran over Savanna, helped her up and Mr. Steal Yo Girl – Tebow – then came over to console Savanna and make sure she was OK. She was fine. Got up, kept doing her job and seemed to enjoy Mr. Tebow’s attention.

First, the trucking:

And now Tebow and Savanna:

As the girl who just got rocked 😂
…I think it’s the other way around!

— Savanna E. Collins (@savannaecollins) October 29, 2016

Yes that was me 😂 Yes I’m ok…

All is well when @TimTebow helps you up. Thanks Timmy!

— Savanna E. Collins (@savannaecollins) October 29, 2016