Virginia Loses To Louisville, Sad Virginia Fans Replicate Last Year’s Loss To Notre Dame



If you had any doubt why Lamar Jackson is the front runner to win the Heisman right now, just go back and watch that last drive against Virginia. Matter of fact, just watch that game winning TD throw and it’ll┬átell you enough.

You might remember last year when Notre Dame beat Virginia on a TD pass to Will Fuller with 12 seconds to go during the second week of the season. If you don’t remember, surely you remember this picture.

A little over a year later, Virginia fans got their hopes up again. They thought they had a chance to take down Lamar Jackson and the #5 Louisville Cardinals, but it happened again. Action jackson went right down the field and tossed a beautiful TD to take the W. This year with 13 seconds left.

And then we got to witness “Sad Virginia Fans Part 2”. It’s hilarious, but I feel for you. Here’s a thought for Virginia fans: don’t get your hopes up unless it’s basketball season.

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