Tom Brady Took A Beating At The Bills Tailgate This Morning



Every time the Patriots come to Buffalo, the #BillsMafia faithful make sure to take all of their anger out on none other than Tom Brady. Sure, Tommy is 25-3 in his career against the Bills and will probably lay the smackdown again today, but that doesn’t stop these psychos.

Every year they’re able to block out the fact that he continues to crush them, and still go after him at the tailgate. That’s why Bills Mafia is the best fanbase in sports. Their team stinks every year and they still come with the thunder when it’s a rivalry game.

And nothing is off limits: his wife, his kids, the fact that may or may not be a cheater, nothing. They just don’t care. It’s like they forget that the last 15 years have happened and every single time Brady and the Pats come to town, it’s a new day.

Here’s the best of #BillsMafia shitting on Tom Brady this morning.

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No soup for you Tom. Go Bills! 🏈 #gameday #buffalo #billsmafia #bufvsne

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Gotta love #BillsMafia. #gameday #nfl #bills #patriots #tb12

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