This Chinese Arena Football League TD Celebration Puts The NFL To Shame



Seeing stuff like this really makes my blood boil and realize just how lame and stingy the NFL is. It makes me realize that that crook Roger Goodell really wants to take the fun out of football. There’s just no other explanation.

Just yesterday, a Giants player got fined for PRETENDING TO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH. How insane is that? 12 thousand dollars right out of his pocket because pretended to take a picture of his teammates after a big play.

So when I see videos like this from the Chinese Arena League, it makes me really happy but also really sad at the same time. Happy because somewhere in this world people are allowed to celebrate touchdowns. And sad because I’ll probably never see this stuff in the NFL for the rest of my life.

And I’ve even seen this celebration before. This isn’t anything new, we’ve seen it in soccer. But just the fact that they’re allowed to do it makes me happy and want to share.

“Let Our Football Players Have Fun Again”

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