Youth Football Coach Canned After Playing Adult in Game



What’s a youth football coach to do when his team is getting their asses kicked by the opposition? Apparently turn to an adult man to get some positive momentum going.

According to, the coach of the Buccaneers in a Rhode Island youth league game suited up the 19-year-old brother of one of his players. The one problem for coach — everyone noticed a giant man and got pissed:

According to Diaz, the coach responsible has been fired and the varsity team has been stripped of the remainder of its season.

Eyewitness News spoke by phone to men who identified themselves as the 19-year-old player and coach but refused to give their names.

The coach apologized for what he described as letting his ego get in the way, saying he saw the older teen suited up to play and sent him out to the field. Both the coach and the 19-year-old also said they are remorseful.

Can you spot the adult looking to pancake some dweebs?

Here’s another photo and yep… that’s dude could’ve trucked some puny teens for sure:

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