Police: Bama Fan Held Visitor At Gunpoint With AR-15, Took Wallet & Cellphone, Told Victims To Leave



Bama fan Tyler Watts should know better. You can’t (allegedly) go holding people at gunpoint to steal a wallet and a phone. Someone is going to rat you out to the fuzz and then the fuzz is going to come looking for you. One thing leads to another and you’re going to miss the LSU game next weekend in Baton Rouge.

I’ve tried to say it over and over to the criminal element in Alabama: Save your deeds for the offseason. There might not be another Saban coming down the line, you have to enjoy this run while it’s here. Gotta live in the now for Bama football. Can’t take it for granted. But here we are with Tyler’s sixth arrest in six years.

You gotta get your head right, Ty.

From WHNT:

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Department arrested 27-year-old Tyler Daniel Watts after investigating reports of an armed robbery.

Authorities say that two individuals allegedly went to Watt’s residence to retrieve items that belonged to them. The victims claim that when Watts invited them inside, he held one person at gunpoint with an AR-15 rifle and took the victim’s cell phone and wallet.  Watts then allegedly allowed the victims to leave the residence.

Tyler’s had quite a run just like Saban. The problem is that if this AR-15 robbery sticks, he’s going to see some serious jail time.

[HT: @IsolatedBammers]



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