The Joe Buck-Kyle Schwarber Wedding Registry



Tennessee Vols and Cleveland fans. You won’t find two other groups of fans who do more to play mind games with opponents like these two. They’re just great at what they do. Indians fans created a Joe Buck & Kyle Schwarber wedding registry after Joe Buck fell in love with the chin-fuzzed Ohioan with a linebacker body who, as the NY Post claimed, is a medical miracle.

One thing led to another and Cleveland media had itself a story today as Game 3 was about to get rolling. Cleveland 19, the same station that employs Carl Monday  — you might know his work from here, ran with the registry angle.

Now, you can help out Cleveland Indians’ charities while poking fun at the love fest between Buck and Cubs player Kyle Schwarber by buying items off a fan-made wedding registry celebrating the two’s fictional Oct. 26 engagement.

The registry features baseball cards, washable markers, training balls and more. Anything purchased off the registry will be donated to Cleveland Indians’ charities.

This is where I need to tell you that I bought Joe Buck a real wedding present back in 2014 and never received a thank you card. Proceed with caution if you’re hoping for a Joe Buck autographed thank you note like I was.

[Buy a gift for Buck & Schwarber]

From the Schwarber-Buck registry:


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