Cubs Kid Accidentally ‘Knocked Out’ During Game 1 By Indians Fan, Dad Then Gets Weird On Twitter


Update: Dad did an interview with NBC Chicago and seems to be pissed that the Indians wouldn’t answer their phones and retrieve their belongings.

A Chicago television producer dad claims an Indians fan knocked out his son during Game 1 of the World Series and it gets worse, according to David Wallach. He’s claiming that Indians fans heckled his son while he was on the ground crying in the tunnel. Now he’s putting on a full-court Twitter media campaign to get what sounds to be justice for what went down in enemy territory.

Let’s first take a look at the photos and then a news report that made its way onto CBS Chicago before the game was even over. Here’s Johnny Wallach feeling kinda rough after getting “knocked out,” according to dad David.

Now here’s where things get interesting with this story. CBS Chicago leads its coverage of the Cubs game with Little Johnny Wallach’s story. All these years of the Cubs not playing in the World Series and Johnny Wallach getting “accidentally” elbowed by an Indians fan is suddenly front and center.

Then comes this tweet from a Life Coach Twitter account, which sure seems to be operated by David Wallach. Look at older tweets. David’s all over that account.

So we have Little Johnny Wallach being accidentally knocked out to this. But there’s more.

Another Twitter account/site that David operates, this one with his wife, makes a plea to Joe Maddon to help Johnny.

So again, we have what the news classified as an accident and it keeps building and building. David eventually gets his refund from StubHub, but that’s not the end. David keeps it going. Now comes the claim that Little Johnny was heckled by Indians fans.


And there’s more for the Indians:


Conclusion: I’m trying to figure out what David wants from the Indians. Is it that he’s hoping someone will quietly leave tickets at Will Call for this weekend to make things better? It almost feels like David is using the situation to drive attention to parenting and life coach Twitter accounts which will then turn into what he hopes will be eyeballs for his blogs. Then maybe there will be an outpouring of support over an accident and there will be tickets for Wrigley.

The spot on the news definitely feels planted. David’s spent time as a television producer. It’s right there in his Twitter bio. He takes a shot at the Indians guest services, but never expands on what he wanted them to do. The EMTs did their job. And then we have David or his wife tweeting to Joe Maddon looking for someone to help (guess that means tickets) “this kid.” It’s their kid. They run the Twitter account.

Here’s what really bothers me here. David is taking what he’s called an accident and won’t stop. He’s tweeting from multiple accounts for a reason. Look at that quote on the image. The viewer thinks some Indians fan intentionally injured the boy.

Sad times out there.



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