Bill & Monica Halloween Costume, Little Harbaugh Costume & The Ass Bowl Was Played Last Night


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Super Bowl prices at the World Series

$2,000 will get you a seat to Game 3 tonight at Wrigley. That’s one seat. It’s even more if you want a seat in the left field bleachers. Look, you’re talking about people making irrational decisions this weekend and then you throw in Halloween and there will be people who go bankrupt after the World Series. There will be bar owners who upgrade their Cabo houses. There will be parking lot owners who decide they can finally leave another million to one of the kids in the will. Careers are going to be made over a three-day stretch. Would I pay $250 to hang at a bar around Wrigley? Absolutely. Think of that energy. Let’s say the Cubs have a chance to clinch on Sunday. $250 won’t even get you a sniff around that neighborhood. Not in a day when Cleveland’s getting $100 to park in downtown.

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