Joe Buck’s Odd Ring, Bama On A Bed & Tommy Lasorda About To Get It In

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Are you Chinese? Do you have Chinese friends? You’ll soon have your own Vegas casino

That’s right, developers are finishing up the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino, located off the northern end of The Strip, will cater to the Chinese from food, gaming to entertainment. Chinese pop stars will be flown in to play the clubs. The food will be real Chinese food. The number 4 will be a no-no. It seems that we’re seeing a developing war over Chinese gamers because Americans aren’t exactly throwing down money on the tables these days. Us white people are now programmed to blow $1k at the hotel pool thinking we’re going to get laid. The Asians still want some action on the felt and I find myself on the side of the Chinese here. I might have to checkout this place on my next visit. See if the Asians roll the bones on the craps table. That’s something you don’t see very often.

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