Bush 69 Indians Jersey, Robin Carlin Hits Driving Range & Do We Have A New Leebs?

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What did we learn last night during Game 1 of the World Series?

That Leebs doesn’t give af and will do whatever the hell he wants to in the front row behind the Cubs dugout. Of course he was kicked out, but that’s nothing new for Leebs. He probably went over to the Cavs game because Sierra was getting cold. We also learned that Kluber can make a ball move like he’s throwing a Whiffleball. We also learned that Fox isn’t giving us nearly enough crowd shots. I need a breakout star in the stands. If Leebs is going to get yanked in the first inning, I need someone to step up. I need crying fans. I need praying fans. I want crowd action out of Fox’s broadcast. And for the love of god, can we get rid of the political ads during the games. I keep saying it on Twitter. It’s impossible to stick to sports when these assholes are on my TV every five minutes. ENOUGH!

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CLEVELAND: We want a championship.
DEVIL: ok, but you’ll have to host the Republicans.
CLE: …Fine.
DEVIL: Trump’s the guy.
CLE: We want 2.

— Adam P. (@WAPratt) October 26, 2016