Cleveland Restaurant Celebrates Andrew Miller’s Dominance With One-Cent High Lifes

andrew miller high life one cent

Anyone in Cleveland looking to get their drink on today should probably get their ass over to The Greenhouse Tavern, where Miller High Lifes will only set you back a penny!

Seriously, this isn’t a joke. Andrew Miller has been beyond dominant this postseason, so the owner of the restaurant is paying tribute with one-cent beers.

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In honor of one of the stars in last night’s World Series win against the Cubs, the Greenhouse will be selling Miller High Life for a penny a pop. I was inspired to hit the joint with a buck in my pocket and splurge. Alas, there’s a limit of five High Lifes per person.

A nickel for five beers? Unreal. But hopefully the Tribe don’t lose tonight, because we all know that joyous atmosphere can flip quickly.

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